Spine Infratech


What we offer


Creating stylish, well designed spaces which reflect the lifestyle and style quotient of the people living and working in them. An active participation of client is encouraged through all stages of workflow to make sure that we succeed in creating a dream abode for our clients.


  • Conceptualization.
  • Space analysis and planning.
  • Furniture selection and procurement.
  • Fabrication and Accessorizing.


We provide complete execution of all civil and design schemes such as:


  • Plan specific electrical and plumbing schemes.
  • Plan specific false ceiling and lighting schemes.
  • Plan specific flooring layouts.
  • Fixed woodwork such as wardrobes, display units, kitchen and all other kinds of storage.

Experience Interior

Unveil a series of designs as we bring them to our Experience Centre. Witness pieces that stand the test of time. Our collection includes bespoke pieces of furniture and a wide range of home decor and artefacts. Expert artisans and informed designers come together to bring dreams to reality.

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